Hi there! 👋

I’m Madalina; I help businesses create content that generates leads and a warm fuzzy feeling for their audience.

I’m a dynamic marketer with a passion for content creation and a background in business communication, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

💻 My skillset

📌 Content Strategy – website, campaign pages, blog, Social Media, newsletter;
📌 Content Creation – copywriting, graphic design, photo & video shooting and editing;
📌 Social Media Management – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn;
📌 Influencer Collaborations – strategy, outreach, creative brief, and management;


A bit more about me 👇👇

I’m an excellent communicator and a team player to the core! I enjoy taking on new challenges, and I’m continuously looking for ways to deepen my knowledge and upgrade my skills.

Born and raised in the heart of Transylvania, ever since I discovered the internet I’ve been drawn to the online space. I started my creative journey through blogging, and when I discovered WordPress I got drawn in by all the possibilities. This led me to learn how to customize my blog to truly make it my own, to build this portfolio and a fully-functional e-commerce website for PROJECTKIN.

In my free time, along with hobbies that fuel my creativity, like watercolor painting and knitting, I also like to stay active! In better times, before corona, you could find me in the gym listening to books about storytelling or on the dance floor at salsa parties. Today, you can find me dancing in the kitchen and listening to books on walks. Through my experience moving away from my home country, I learned that adaptability is the strongest skill I possess and use daily in my marketing activities.

💚 Causes close to my heart: sustainability, environment, and mental health.